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  • beond somatic therapy


Ibogaine Clinic in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    5 Reviews on “Beond”

    • Elizabeth Y. 2 hours ago

      My time and experience with Ibogaine therapy in the safety and sanctuary of Beōnd was a positive and life changing experience.

      I came to Beōnd at the same age that my own mother died. I approached the opportunity to be at Beōnd and participate with Ibogaine therapy for psycho/spiritual healing and as a ritual and rite of passage. I wanted to celebrate my journey thus far and to further cleanse the vestiges of the past related to individual, familial and ancestral trauma.

      Throughout my entire journey, and the one-on-one, 24-hour care, I felt safe and held in a secure place physically, emotionally, and psychologically. The nurturance of the physical place; the wealth of knowledge and expertise of its staff; the attention and commitment to medical safety; the range of available health and wellness classes; the one-on-one psychotherapeutic support makes Beōnd a unique and special place to commune with and to recover oneself.

      The place itself is a sanctuary. It is quiet and peaceful. You can swim, lay out under the Mexican sun and watch the clouds; or you can participate in yoga, watsu, chi gung, sound healing, or art therapy. The meals are delicious and healthy and can be tailored to your needs and preferences. The retreat center and its programming are designed such that you can have privacy as well as interact socially with other guests and staff thereby having a sense of retreat while feeling connected to others.

      Beōnd is a dream come true for anyone on the path seeking truth, healing and transformation within an unparalleled level of service, care and attention. The nurturance and safety provided to me throughout the program at Beōnd gave me the necessary physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual foundation for me to effectively and lovingly work with the plant medicine of Ibogaine.

      As a rite of passage for my body mind, spirit and soul. My experience at Beōnd gave me a renewed sense of life and I left with a deeper understanding of my purpose here on earth.

    • Imani Q. 3 weeks ago

      Being invited to work with Ibogaine at Beond was a very sacred experience and spiritual initiation into a deeper understanding of self. It is a carefully created process with many safety precautions, which made me feel comfortable and educated me on this very intensive journey. The staff at Beond was so attentive to my emotional and physical needs throughout the experience, with therapy, soundhealing, swimming, daily massage, dietary consideration from
      the in-house chef and daily nurturing from the talented nurses and doctors.
      Working with Ibogaine is a life-changing spiritual initiation that is a sacred practice of the Bwiti people of Gabon in Central Africa, acknowledging its origins in Iboga and paying respects to the indigenous land was a huge part of the impactful experience and powerful gifts I received from this medicine. I went on an almost 48 hour vision quest in astral realm through the use of Ibogaine, gained a deeper understanding of my lineage as a biracial woman, gaining knowledge, healing and presence from my ancestors as well as gifts to help me unblock deep
      rooted patterns in order to expand my path and abundance.
      Through the medicine, massage therapy and merging of science and spirituality I
      experienced a transformative release within the pain body in my shoulders through Ibogaine spreading throughout my body. With a high level of Cortisol in my shoulders, which can be passed down through epigenetics as it was moved through massage it unlocked visions from my ancestors and allowed me to release pain that has been with me for a very long time. Most importantly I remembered where I came from, and was able to release pain that has kept me
      from being able to move forward in my life purpose and spiritual path. It truly is an invaluable initiation.

    • Jane M. 2 months ago

       There is something purely magical about beond and I feel it was no coincidence that I found it. I have been struggling with hardcore substance abuse problems for many years and have been to several traditional rehab centers but beond gave me something different. It approaches addiction & recovery in an entirely new and in my opinion more effective way. It not only helped to interrupt the cycle of addiction and deeply ingrained patterns of thinking but it opened my heart again to unconditional love and acceptance both in the way that I received it there and how much I was able to give it to myself and especially others. I made bonds with other clients and even the staff that will last a life time. I saw beond as a sort of a womb or cocoon in a sense where I felt totally safe, nurtured and could be my most vulnerable self. It was a place of rebirth and I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards my experience at beond. All the medical staff and psychologists are highly experienced and top notch and I honestly feel that they really care about me and are invested in my well being and recovery. If you are struggling with substance abuse or trauma I highly recommend you go here.

    • Ben R. 2 months ago

      Beond gave me the most incredible experience of my life. From 20 years of hopelessness to excited about my future within a matter of days. The entire team of staff made me feel safe, comfortable, and like family. I cant recommend this clinic and treatment enough. The food was A++. With family style meals and option to try authentic Mexican dishes, there wasn’t anything i didn’t enjoy. A complete feeling and sense of genuine compassion and empathy from every employee. The psychology was deep and purposeful, specially tailored to each individual’s needs. Getting to watch other patients transformations in just a matter of days was one of my favourite parts. Watching a broken individual walk in, to seeing them leave with a big smile on their face was truly amazing. There was a lot of scepticism from friends and family before sending me to Beond. I am now living proof that this treatment works.

    • Mattha B. 2 months ago

      Poof. And so the inner voice was gone, after the sacred medicine tired it out with incessant judgements and negativity. It sneaks back now and then, but with my new found connection to the gratitude for simply being – all thanks to my mum and dad for birthing me – it strikes dull tones, fleetingly. What is the purpose of life? To give life and be grateful. Thank you for this day. Thank you to Beond for their work, sweetness and courage. Many people have remarked on how different I look since I left the miracle machine in Cancun, but there are far more palpable transformations than mine, which are difficult to believe until you see them. The road remains long for all of us, not least those with serious addictions that cause chemical dependency. But this medicine appears their greatest shot. And I’m more positive than ever.

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