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Glenda Sparrow

Personal Transformation Coach in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
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    5 Reviews on “Glenda Sparrow”

    • Gilda L. 1 month ago

      Glenda is an amazing soul full of empathy, knowledge and love. I felt really cared about and safe in her care. I had the pleasusre of attending my first ceremony with her. I was impressed with all the preparation and attention to detail. We had calls pre and post ceremony to help us prepare and integrate. All details were thouroughly explained beforehand to get the most out of the experience as possible. During the ceremony she felt like an angel floating among us along with several other guides that were also present. We were fed great food for our bodies along with shared experiences of love for our souls. I highly recommend Glenda, she is a valued member of our psychedic community.

    • Evgenia E. 1 month ago

      Glenda is amazing: such a force of nature and a gifted coach. She quickly saw through my BS defense system and the stories I tell myself to explain things – and masterfully pivoted our coaching session in a new direction. I love her candor, perception, and compassion – and all of this is supported by her solid coaching foundation and expert knowledge of the medicine. Glenda is a real thing! If you want to get real and drive change in your life – she is your coach.

    • James L. 2 months ago

      I am forever grateful for Glenda’s coaching talents that have helped me tighten up life habits in nutrition and implement needed tips within my microdosing protocol ~ Glenda is capable of coaching one in several areas of life and shows up with a presence of seriousness but with strong undertones of sincere care and love. Glenda is not only a tremendous coach, but also an amazing friend, a knowledgeable colleague, a fierce leader, and most importantly a pure loving human with the guiding touch and skills to share with others in her coaching practice. Thank-you Glenda for being you, in this past year it has truly been beautiful not only being coached by you but seeing you grow and bloom in the beautiful being you are. Thank-you 🙂

    • Jennifer S. 2 months ago

      Glenda has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of psychedelic healing. She is very caring and highly motivated to help others heal. She offers a vast array of services, from one-on-one coaching, group coaching, intention setting, ceremonies, to educational classes and micro dosing protocols! I have personally benefitted from several of her services; she ensures everyone feels safe and respected. Whether you’re just starting your psychedelic journey or well on your path, Glenda has something to offer you in a very compassionate way! ~

    • Rose C. 2 months ago

      Scheduling a coaching appointment with Glenda is super easy, and you get a google calendar invite, so it makes it so easy to keep track of the appointment and reschedule it if you need to. Glenda is pleasant, intelligent, and asks thought provoking questions to help guide you to your own conclusions so that you can facilitate your own change. I am grateful for her coaching.

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