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Thank you for your interest in Third Wave’s Psychedelic Directory.

Our vision for this community is to create a bridge of trust and accountability within the world of psychedelic services by connecting high-quality psychedelic support professionals directly to the people seeking it.

Listing Options

The directory will always offer a free listing, ensuring that we can provide our community with the best possible options.

Basic Verified Listings (Free)

To qualify for a ‘Basic Verified’ listing, you will need to complete a process that allows us to verify the accuracy of your information and the integrity of your offering. To provide our community with access to trusted and credible providers, we carefully review each listing and hand-select only those who meet our verification standards.

Premium Vetted Listings (Paid)

Our ‘Premium Vetted’ listing involves a more rigorous vetting process to demonstrate a higher level of trust to our community. Your listing will display a prominent “Vetted” badge for easy recognition, and contains additional listing features and benefits, including:

  • Manual review by Third Wave including a section on your profile indicating why we recommend your service
  • Ability to promote “Events” such as retreats, workshops, online gatherings, etc.
  • Contact form for interested clients to connect directly with you
  • Featured appearance on the Directory homepage
  • Vetted badge on your profile and listing tiles
  • Boost in search results


  • Retreats and Clinics: $99/month or $799/year
  • Therapists and Coaches: $49/month or $399/year

*Currently we are only accepting Coaches that have completed Third Wave’s Coaching Certification Program. Click here to learn more about the program and join the waitlist for the next cohort.

Why Become a ‘Premium Vetted’ Listing?

In a word, TRUST. When operating in an industry as complex as this one, trust is one of your most valuable assets.

If you apply to be a ‘Premium Vetted’ listing, we only approve and grant you a Vetted badge after extensive checks on our end so that our community can feel more trust for your service offering. Since our directory connects you directly with warm leads for your services, trust may be the deciding factor for who they choose to work with.

What information will be displayed on your Listing?

Company Info

  • Name of business/individual
  • About the business/individual
  • Description of Services
  • Category & Tags (specializations)
  • Image Gallery
  • Videos

Company Details

  • Founder(s) / CEO
  • Team & Medical Staff
  • Practitioners
  • Credentials
  • Licenses
  • Group Size
  • Price Range
  • Business Hours
  • Remote / Online

Your Process

  • Intake Process
  • Supplemental Modalities
  • Overview of Experience Protocol
  • Reciprocity with Local Communities
  • Method of Sourcing Medicine

Location & Contact Info

  • Address w/map
  • Email address
  • Phone #
  • Social Media links
  • Website URL

Vetted Elements

  • Why Third Wave recommends
  • Direct Contact Form
  • Special Offers