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Our vision for this community is to create a bridge of trust and accountability within the world of psychedelic services by connecting high-quality psychedelic support professionals directly to the people seeking it.

As more and more people awaken to the transformational potential of psychedelic medicines, trusted guidance is more important than ever. People from all walks of life, and with a wide range of goals, need help to navigate this space and realize their potential.

The challenge?

There are simply not enough trained professionals to help them all. That’s where you come in!

Two Ways to List


Verified Listings (Free)

To qualify for a basic “Verified” listing, you will need to complete a process that allows us to verify the accuracy of your information and the integrity of your offering. We leverage Identity Verification technology to ensure the person creating the listing is who they say they are, and biometric verifications to protect against identity spoofing.

This along with a manual review of every listing prevents fraud and ensures we have only the best, above-board listings in our directory.

Click here to create a FREE Verified Listing!


Vetted Listings (Paid)

Our Premium “Vetted” listing involves a more rigorous vetting process to demonstrate a higher level of trust to our community. Your listing will display a prominent “Vetted” badge for easy recognition, and contains additional listing features and benefits, including:

  • Third Wave Recommends: highlighted section on your profile indicating why we recommend your service
  • Event Promotion: ability to promote “Events” such as retreats, workshops, online gatherings, etc.
  • Enhanced Inquiry form: receive qualified leads from people who visit your profile
  • Homepage Feature: vetted profiles are eligible for homepage features
  • Vetted badge: prominent display on your profile and listing tiles
  • Search Boost: vetted profiles receive a boost in search results

Click here to create a Premium Vetted listing!

“Vetted” Businesses

Retreats & Clinics

$99/mo or $799/yr (save 33%)

“Vetted” Individuals

Therapists & Coaches

$49mo or $399/yr (save 33%)

What Providers say about us

“It has been a pleasure to be hosted on the Third Wave site. Of course, this platform comes with an element of trust as they have a great reputation in the space. Our website generally sees 15-20 clicks per month coming from Third Wave, and we’ve had 6 leads thus far, which is always helpful. Happy to be here.”

Joel Brierre
CEO of Kaivalya Kollectiv & Tandava Retreats

1heart has been involved with the Third Wave Directory since it first launched, and we’ve been consistently pleased with its value. Not only have we seen more exposure of our 1heart brand to the Third Wave community, but we’ve also seen numerous quality leads come in from amazing souls who found us on the Directory and joined us as retreat guests. We are excited to continually invest in our Third Wave Directory listing due to the trusting reputation it holds and the quality exposure we receive to an educated community ready to take the next step on their journey towards healing and transformation.

Tim Sae Koo
COO, 1heart

The Buena Vida Psilocybin Retreats has been a part of The Third Wave directory during its inception and first few months. Since being a part of the directory, we’ve seen at least 15 very qualified leads (of which 3 lead to registration) come through, most of which were qualified due to their trust in The Third Wave. We’ve found that many of our guests speak highly of the directory as well as the entire website itself. For us, it’s vitally important to host our reviews here as they are a very trusted 3rd party site where all future guests will be able to read the highly personal experiences of our past guests.

Amanda Schendel
CEO, Buena Vida Retreats

What Participants are saying

How to get listed

That’s easy! Just follow these 4 steps;

  1. Sign Up for a Third Wave Provider account
  2. Verify your Identification so we know it’s you
  3. Choose the Verified (free) or Vetted (paid) package
  4. Submit your Listing Information for us to review

If we have any questions about your listing, our Review Team will reach out and provide recommendations! Also, make sure to complete all of the Vetted questions as we use this in conducting our research for the Third Wave Recommends section of your profile!

“Vetted” Businesses

Retreats & Clinics

$99/mo or $799/yr (save 33%)

“Vetted” Individuals

Therapists & Coaches

$49mo or $399/yr (save 33%)

Who this Directory is for

Third Wave’s Directory is for established Retreats, Clinics, Therapists and Coaches, who operate within the legal frameworks of their jurisdiction and provide top-notch service to those in need.

*For Coaches looking to join the directory, we are currently only accepting those who have completed Third Wave’s Coaching Certification program.