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5-MeO-DMT Retreat in Dronten, Flevoland, Netherlands
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    • Sandra S. 4 weeks ago

      This is the place where ancient traditions meet modern science and spirituality in a beautiful, loving, completely safe space.
      The deep work is often paired with a lot of humor and lightness, held in the most authentic and spontaneous way, and at the same time with amazing structure. It is not my first time that I have attended a retreat with Natasja and Lorraine. I trust them deeply , and therefore I was able to surrender into my process with the medicine and work on so many layers of healing. I was given all the care, the Love and the space that I needed to go through my journeys. The container feels so safe and full of Love, that I every time can trust the process, the devine timing, and everything, that arises.
      The preparation and integration phases were especially curated in detail, and the facilitators were always available for holding space and helping with the work. I can recommend the Awaken The Medicine Within retreats with my whole heart.

    • Jessika L. 1 month ago

      Attending this retreat was one of the most beautiful and powerful experiences of my life. The container they provide is rooted in safety, attention to the smallest details, and care. I really felt supported throughout my entire process, before, during, and after, and would definitely recommend Awaken the Medicine Within to my friends.

      Thanks so much the incredible team of women and facilitators Natasja, Lorraine, Kareena, Tessa and Daniella, for being part of this experience.

    • Samantha M. 1 month ago

      I did a 5 day psilocybin retreat with this incredible team at a beautiful site near Amsterdam. I was deeply impressed and touched by the care, love, humour, sensitivity and wisdom I received from the team who have a deep knowledge and immense experience of working with this medicine. They complimented the psilocybin ceremonies with other ceremonies, two of which I found as impactful and healing as the psychedelics! I could not recommend them enough and am saving up for my next trip with them.

    • Sjanett d. 2 months ago

      On both the personal, social and spiritual level Natasja, creating a safe and warm container for healing and transformation. I loved every aspect of the retreat: the gorgeous location, the other participants that seem to have been handpicked and shared a common storyline, the program, the rituals, the singing, the food, the medicine, the integration… one big beautiful, deep tapestry of meaning.

    • Natalie H. 3 months ago

      I don’t even know where to begin… I attended the retreat a little over a month ago and I still get tears in my eyes when I settle in to reflect on it. The whole experience is beyond words and surpassed any of my expectations. Bufo was unlike any of my past psychedelic experiences – it was boundless and wordless. The facilitators were incredible – present and supportive. You feel very safe very quickly. The most beautiful part of the retreat was the unexpected bonds you make with the other people there… There is such a power in the community. In the second ceremony where you go as a group, I think that was one of the most important and potent experiences of my life. You connect so quickly and deeply that you question why are we not more like this with other people in our day-to-day lives when it is right there. All I can say is that this retreat was one of the if not the most precious gifts I have ever received. Thank you, Natasja. Thank you, Lorraine. Thank you, Mayatiita. Thank you, Mela. Thank you, Claire <3 Ps. The food is out of this world.

    • Candace O. 3 months ago

      I have now done two retreats with Natasja. The highest praise I can give is that I brought my husband and parents to the second one. She went above and beyond to accommodate us as a family, strengthening our bonds while also helping us build relationships with the rest of the group. Natasja’s team works together beautifully to provide a deep and transformative experience for all participants. Plant baths, breathwork, tobacco and cacao ceremonies, and of course the psilocybin ceremonies all worked together to effect real and lasting change in all of us. A special thank you to Lorraine, whose shamanic skills and work ethic made each ceremony incredible. Thank you Mela for cacao and breathwork (and for your work with my parents) and to Ali and John, whose wisdom and love shone through in every encounter. Participants would have to work very hard NOT to be transformed!

    • Veronica P. 5 months ago

      Natasja has created a powerful sacred container for healing in Awaken the Medicine Within. She has put together a wonderful team of healers and rituals that together help participants become deeply connected with themselves. A gentle but profound layering of experiences enabled us to dive deep into our souls through a process of “intense cleansing” and transformation.
      Every detail from beginning to end was beautifully curated to ensure a safe, pleasurable, nurturing experience. The location, comfortable accommodation, delicious food, plant baths, music, humor, joy, wisdom and love in which it was all created made it a truly impactful and unforgettable experience. What a gift this retreat was!!! Several months on I am still reaping the harvest from the beauty that was cultivated in that space. My life has been transformed as result. Thank you Natasja, Lorraine, John and Ali !!!

    • Mark S. 5 months ago

      I attended Natasja’s ATMW retreat in March 2022. The experience was simply amazing. The program, food, facilitation and overall experience were outstanding. I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone who is interested in personal transformation and the benefits from these plant medicines. Each day is different and additive over the 5 days. I also loved the pre and post calls and the support on the ATMW digital platform. 5 stars all around.

    • Ben J. 5 months ago

      What a transformational experience that continues to build on itself! Through the complete support and creation of a connective trust I was thankfully able to reconnect with the deepest parts of myself.
      Every part of the retreat was impeccably considered and has changed my life in a tremendously positive way. The fantastic setting, the space (inner and outer!) the prep and the integration cannot be overstated. The journey continues, and it’s with the deepest of thanks that I wish to to share these brief thoughts. Natasja, Lorraine, John, Claire, Sarah and Mela quite simply created the most incredible space through a integral desire to harness love, compassion and kindness.

    • Bernhard E. 8 months ago

      An unforgettable experience guided by an extraordinary team – could not have wished for a better set and setting. Thanks for the thoughtful, heartfelt and awakening retreat.

    • Catalina E. 8 months ago

      The ATMW retreat was once of the most magical experiences I have ever lived. Natasja and her team are incredibly wise medicine women, and the depth of their wisdom can’t be easily described in a short review. They guided us through the world of the invisible with their feminine magical powers, so that I felt held in a manner that I had not felt in any of the various psychedelics retreats I had done before. From the prep calls beginning a couple of weeks in advance, the flower essences that were sent to my mail box, the holothropic breath work, the music, and every single detail that was part of it, you can be sure that they have curated the most incredible set and setting for anyone to explore the depths and mysteries of our consciousness.

    • Tony R. 8 months ago

      My week with ATMW left a beautiful and indelible effect on me. The atmosphere and organization of the week by Natasja and her caring staff was professional and thorough. The locale was so lovely it would be worth visiting simply for its beauty, and the cooking was sublime, with each meal bringing us closer together as a group. We were treated to multiple modes of self-discovery which, when combined with observing and sharing the experiences of others in our group, made the experience deeply emotional and interconnected, the net result in the months since being an ongoing connection with my new “family,” the members of which have continued both to support me as well as allow me to be there for them. I have learned so much and gained so much mentally and emotionally that I cannot thank Natasja enough for this gift. Aho!

    • Daniel A. 8 months ago

      In the current rushed and saturated psychedelic space, ATMW is that rare thing: a container that honors tradition without ever being performative; honest and direct but never transactional; grounded in humanity but open to the mystery.
      An experience guided by a deep understanding of the spirit of the medicine, wisdom, and love.

    • Sandra S. 8 months ago

      I attended a 5 day ATMW retreat and felt completely held and secure to be able to trust fully and surrender to the medicine. I will keep these 5 days as sacred awakening process into my full power as a leader for my whole life. The indescribable intensity, beauty, and connectedness I have experienced changed the way I now practice self love and Love with others. It has cracked open my heart completely to the Light. I have never felt so free in my whole life. And I took this freedom, sense of community, and connectedness into my daily life back home. Things and moments that were not magic before, they are now. I feel now deeply the beauty of the present moment, and the gratefulness to be alive and walk the path I came here on Earth to walk. I got the confirm why I am here. And that gives meaning to everything. These days have released the power in me, and at the same time softness and Love. I feel eternally grateful to Natasja and Lorraine for being the best space holders and most professional Medicine Women anyone could hope for. The venue felt like home, with lush vegetation, on this strong land, and the food was prepared with so much love and attention. I am so grateful that I could attend this retreat, after the last years of fast change. I have to say that the word ” retreat” is not at all appropriate for this transformational moment in my life. It is much more than a ” retreat”. It is reconnection to the devine power we all carry inside.

    • Nana F. 8 months ago

      ATMW holds the ability to beautifully bridge science and traditions in a grounded, supporting and caring container. A truly life changing experiance that I highly recommend to anyone who seeks healing and personal growth.

    • Magdalena H. 8 months ago

      The Awaken The Medicine Within Bufo Retreat in Portugal was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. In a beautiful scenery, nurtured with delicious food, in a family-like atmosphere we all felt held, heard and seen. The Toad Medicine is powerful and loving – it took me places beyond expectations and explanations. Thanks to both preparation and integration work, I can now use its learnings to become a better version of myself and be there for others with more compassion and presence. Thank you all! Magdalena Haver

    • Natasja P. Post author 8 months ago

      The ATMW retreat is, in a word, transformational. After having participated in other plant medicine retreats in the past, I was astounded and humbled by the depth of Natasja and Lorraine’s expertise and loving care. It was so easy to put my trust in them; their wisdom, intuition and commitment allows for the cultivation of community and a container in which it feels safe to finally let go of that which is holding you back. Because of this retreat, I am experiencing the shifts I need to bring me closer toward wholeness. The gifts I have received in return for taking the leap of faith to join this journey are only beginning to unfold, and I am forever grateful.

    • Krystyna L. 1 year ago

      Natasja and her team were absolutely amazing! I totally enjoyed every minute of the retreat and I would love to come again and again! Everything was beyond great: atmosphere, schedule, guidance, food, place, setting – absolutely perfect!! I had the most incredible and profound trips and I am very grateful that they made the setting and the experience so I was feeling comfortable, safe, protected, professionally guided and navigated. I truly could trust them and dive in freely into the unknown , it was as if they knew exactly what I need to have the best possible experience. Very personalized approach to every participant makes her retreats truly unique and deep. Another amazing experience I had on the course “Yinomai”, and on private session – it was very transformational as well. Love you ,Natasja, and love what you do! So much looking forward to the next time!

    • Scott Y. 1 year ago

      Natasja is one of the great plant healers on the planet! It is hard to imagine someone more gifted than she at helping you maximize the therapeutic value from psychedelic and other healing tools. I met Natasja for the first time when I attended a Synthesis retreat in 2018 and was so impressed with her abiity to connect and empathize and bring her gifts of healing to me and others who attended. I subsequently participated in a separate psychedelic session with her that was truly life changing and repeated Synthesis and her private retreat a year later with equally transformative effects. Awaken the Medecine Within is going to change your life and Natasja is so gifted at facilitating that transformation!
      Scott Y

    • Richard M. 1 year ago

      Life changing, life changing, life changing! I have worked with Natasja and her team twice now, and I cannot say enough about the profound impact of her work, with both immediate and long term, tangible benefits. The setting was quiet, beautiful and idyllic for our retreat. The work to prepare ourselves for our journey through intentions, journaling, group discussions, yoga, and sound and breath work felt almost as powerful as the medicine itself. Natasja and her team are incredibly talented and well prepared, and it is highly likely that you will both laugh heartily and shed a beautiful tear or two (or three!) throughout your stay. The food was excellent and nourishing as well. Just be prepared! The lack of caffeine is real! I can’t say enough about how truly beautiful, spiritual, professional and maternal Natasja and her team are – just the best. ❤️🙏

    • Andre A. 1 year ago

      I highly recommend Natasja‘s ATMW retreats and would put my hand on the fire for them. She takes a lot of time to set intentions with the clients, has the talent to creat incrediby beautiful settings and puts so much detail in all aspects. At the Awaken Medicine Retreat they use various modalities such as yoga / qigong, cacao ceremonies, breathwork and soundhealing to creat a wellrounded experience for healing, growth, inspiration and transformation. Natasja is an exceptional guide and I always felt safe and in good hands. I had a lifechanging and magical experience. With Natasja‘s warm and positive charisma, she is also able to build a wonderful team around herself, which, for example cook the most delicious dishes and prepares vacation spots where you feel home.

      • Nyla K. 1 year ago

        I’ve done already some retreats and I can say from the bottom of my heart, that Natasja‘s ATMW retreat changed my life so much. The setup and setting has been chosen perfectly, Natasja has got the capability and great empathy to feel and see what one needs to perfectly adjust the medicine. The whole program, breath work, yoga, plant based diet and the integration has been put together with so much love. I would recommend this retreat to everyone who feels that there is much more to explore in your inner self, a mind blowing experience that I wish everyone could make to feel oneself truly. This retreat will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Natasja💎 Sending you much love ❤️

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