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Kambo Casita

Ayahuasca Retreat in Sámara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
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    22 Reviews on “Kambo Casita”

    • Frankie V. 1 month ago

      Wow… because if I started with anything but, it wouldn’t exemplify the feeling that I’m still feeling 3 years after my first visit.

      For life, love, second chances, the universe and all that it brings me.

      Here’s the very brief shake down:

      I went to Costa Rica and more specifically Kambo Casita in the winter of 2019 just before that whole pandemic nonsense started. I’ll tell you right now, I’m glad I did because had I not I wouldn’t be here today… at least not in the physical form (more on that later).

      I was a young 31 year old handsome guy. Successful in business and the world by the balls I really had it all. Sure I had the nice car, young women and financial security but with that I had a severe drinking problem and a love for cocaine you would only see in the movies. I was becoming wasted talent.

      Without getting into details I was introduced to Kambo Casita by a friend who knew I was struggling and could see how fast I was falling down this slippery slope. Being the kind of guy that I am I knew that if I was ever to get better, plant medicine and “going within” was the only way!! Nothing wrong with AA or any other platform out there… that just isn’t for me.

      Anyways, I went…

      I spent 9 days at the facility where I was loved, nourished, looked after and taken care of better than I could have ever imagined…. And I haven’t even gotten to Nadine yet!

      Nadine…. An angel, healer, listener, provider, god?

      To this day she’s the most incredible woman I’ve ever met in my life and I’m forever grateful for her!

      Listen, anyone can give you medicine… but not anyone can give you the kind of love, integration and support that she gives! To this day we still chat… sometimes it’s to just say hey and others to talk about deeper more spiritual things or perhaps life.

      Look, I don’t have the time to sit here and explain step by step my individual experience from start to finish. But what I can say is that I would not trust ANYONE but Nadine and her team to administer medicine to me… EVER!

      I’ve seen the other things that are out there and can tell you emphatically that Nadine is the truth!

      Thank you Nadine, your team and the friends and family I’ve made over at Kambo Casita.

      If anyone is serious about visiting and would like to hear more feel free to email me.

      P.S. I will be back to continue the work as soon as my schedule allows me to get there.

      P.P.S we enjoyed AMAZING meals!!! I’m a big food guy so this had me really concerned leading up to the trip…

      Final thought: Kambo Casita has forever changed my life… I’ve learned to incorporate new habits into my life that I still practice today! I think the thing I’m most thankful for besides no longer being addicted to drugs and alcohol is becoming in touch with my spiritual side. Once “you know, you know”.

      I’m still me… just the best me you could ever imagine!

      Pura Vida!

    • Kamilla E. 5 months ago

      Beautiful place, beautiful people. I’ve had the most effective ceremony and I’ve done many. I’m pain free from my chronic condition and many bad habits have gone away over one night. Nadine has a very strong energy. The moment you meet her, you will know it. The whole place has an incredibly serene vibe. I highly recommend Kambo casita. Best retreat experience and I’ve traveled the world.

    • mia s. 5 months ago

      I have had the absolute best experience at Kambo Casita. I attended 3 different ceremonies with Nadine, and could not be more pleased to have found such a knowledgeable, kind and caring person to safely guide me through my experiences. The entire staff is so helpful, the location is so peaceful and I feel blessed to take part in any ceremony they have to offer. Nadine is dedicated to helping us on our spiritual path, and you could not be in better hands thank with her.

    • Dayle B. 5 months ago

      Nadine Purdy is the REAL DEAL!!! I have worked for over 8 years with many different sacraments, and have extensive experience. There is a very important part that is always mentioned when attending a plant ceremony…. set and setting. Well, just in the way that Nadine consecrates her space, before every ceremony, brings tears to my eyes each time. Her intention and relationship to her guides is profound. Her ability to communicate with the “other world” is astounding. Having based her entire career on her integrity, integrity is her guiding force. Before this world of social media, Nadine was able to build her reputation with only word of mouth. Not many can say that in 2022. I can firmly recommend her in every way if you are seeking healing, just remember, as Nadine always states… it is not me doing the healing, it is YOU!!!!! You are the HEALER!!

    • Tyler M. 5 months ago

      Kambo Casita is a place that all is welcome. Nadine has a tenacity for bringing people to the light. She is attentive, loving, strong, and most of all wise. Her experience speaks for itself.. 20 years of experience.. intense training throughout the Amazon. Do yourself a favor and be embraced by this beautiful sanctuary. All the love.

      The review below me is dumbfounding. I know from personal experience that Nadine requires an EKG and numerous health forms. I have spent 5 years with various medicine and I am also an engineer. My studies have required me to be diligent in research and execution which extrapolates to the medicine world: who facilitates, what I am ingesting, and how to communicate. Nadine is highly qualified; moreover, she provides a safe, clean-spirited, and adaptable container at her home and center.

      Thank you Kambo Casita !

    • Luke G. 12 months ago

      I’ve cannot say enough about Nadine!

      I believe that when holding ceremonial plant medicine space the primary element and ingredient in the experience is the frequency of the being doing the holding.

      Nadine’s frequency is exquisite!

      One can know a lot, one can have endless experience, one can be extremely gifted but none of these matter without a true dedication to Love. Nadine walks, talks, breathes, songs and serves in Love.

      In all my experiences this far in both shamanic space and spiritual practice some of the most profound have been in Nadines hands!

      I cannot thank her enough!

      If you have the opportunity to experience her medicine….do not hesitate!

    • Ryan W. 1 year ago

      Love. Love. Love.
      Nadine is a true container of light, love, and christ consciousness. She is the real medicine. Yes, her Kambo is ONE of a kind, Yes her Daime (AYA) is magical, Yes, how she serves BUFO is life-altering. But All of that is just external stuff, the real channel of healing is Nadine herself and Lauren. When you are in the realms that BUFO takes you or the dimensions that Daime offers you to travel through, it’s so important to have a guide who has traveled them first – Nadine is that guide. She knows exactly what you need when you need, how far to nudge you, and when to let you fly. She’s beyond seasoned in the realms of the sacred mystical. She’s knows suffering from her personal life and teaches love and light. Nadine and Lauren are as authentic as they come in this space. Love you N 🙂

    • Gavin L. 1 year ago

      Fantastic experience you are truly in safe knowledgeable hands. The whole experience was unique in a tranquil location in the Guanacaste jungle. I was guided through the ceremony with such expertise and I am truly grateful for my experience

    • casey p. 1 year ago

      There are no words I have to describe the transformation that took place for me. Nadine is a Light warrior and my experience changed my life and now the lives of countless others. One can truly find peace when they go within. Her ceremony was the most life changing experience of my life. The accommodations were amazing and I thank God for guiding me to this center every day. If one is looking for a life changing experience, I can not say enough about this. I have participated in all ceremonies offered and each one is a gift. I am truly excited for anyone who embraces this sacred work and Is ready for more love and more light!

    • Indhi L. 1 year ago

      Nadine is a true powerhouse. Hearing her story and how the medicines chose her blew me away. Every time she has facilitated a ceremony for me, I was able to surrender to places within that I could not experience with others. I’m awed by her unique ability to see who people truly are and how she makes clients feel heard and understood with her full presence. The way she invokes holds space, and belts out sacred sounds inspires me to deepen my relationship with sacred medicines. I feel very blessed to have been taught by Nadine how to serve Kambo. She has been very attentive every step of my journey, always happy to pass along knowledge and her wisdom. Serving Kambo to boost your immune system and heal physical ailments are two very different things, and I would not be the experienced practitioner I am today if it weren’t for Nadine. What Nadine stands for and the integrity she holds was what I was looking for in a trainer, and it is no coincidence to be guided by her. I plan on building my relations with the guidance of Nadine. She truly is one of the best medicine guardians out there, and the best part, she is humble. What an honor, thank you, Nadine!

    • Marceline T. 1 year ago

      I came to Kambo Casita for a Kambo experience in order to heal my body. I have had Kambo before, and i new how intense it can be. I am a small person, and I have had experiences where I fainted in the past. So it was important to me to find a practitioner that had lots of experience and care for the people that comes to them. I was in luck, the ceremony with Nadine surpassed my expectations; she and her assistant Lauren held a space with a strong sense of safety and they gave me all the electrolites I needed beforehand and during the experience. They also gave me papaya juice and to me that made a big difference instead of just chugging lots of water before the kambo application. This helped me release what I needed to purge knowing everything was going to be ok. I ended up coming back 2 more times for Kambo. I saw my doctor later on for a checkup and she was amazed at how my gut inflammation was significantly lowered; she asked me what I did : ) I would definitely come back to kambo casita in the future.

    • Jessica D. 1 year ago

      We’ve brought 2 groups of coworkers and friends to Kambo Casita from all over the US and Canada. All of whom had not sat with Diame or Kambo before. We all left with wider perspectives, divine healing, and a greater appreciation for life and all its participants. What more could you ask for?

      I’m always confident that the Casita will facilitate an experience that is synced for each individual person. The setting, souls, and guides present are intimate, divinely connected, and pure.

      Highly recommended for anyone new to plant medicines (and of course the practiced too).

    • Ayten T. 1 year ago

      My Bufo experience with dear Nadin;
      Nadin..white wolf
      I loved Nadin when we first met and I trusted her.
      Her energy field is very wide and powerful.
      And that energy is spreading in waves.
      And despite that power, it’s incredibly compassionate.
      I am not an easily trusting person.
      There are very few people I trust and surrender to other than myself. One of them was Nadin..
      My friend Serhat, who joined my path with Nadin.. I can’t thank him enough🙏🏻
      I’ve been in touch with the spiritual world for as long as I can remember. That curtain is open to me..sometimes it’s hard to carry,sometimes very easy.
      Confrontations and self-healing efforts have always been from the inside-out. Unfortunately, there is no healing and full awakening without a full confrontation with our own parts of self and the world they have created.
      Healing progresses step by step at the level you allow. When you are ready to let go of what you are clinging to, the frequency of energy changes, your level of consciousness changes, your perception changes, awareness continues from a higher frequency.
      It’s a journey..infinite..a journey of self-awakening..claiming to power..taking responsibility for creation and ultimately joyfully participating in the game.
      The phenomenon we call awakening; awareness of one’s own consciousness in all dimensions, awakening to one’s own existence, the realization of being connected and existing in that infinite universe with a body and consciousness in all dimensions.
      The perception of what is called “Unity”, which is constantly mentioned.
      The realization that you carry the universes in your body and that there is a star atom in those universes.
      With the Bufo experience I had, this door was opened to me with a great shock and noise.
      Applause, bells, laughter, welcome😄
      My 3 eyes are open..but when I think I see it with my 3 eyes, space is very 3D.
      My vision has changed so much that it has become sharper and deeper.. I guess this is what they call 5 Dimensions.
      Where all matter expands like a wave of water, the flow of time changes.
      A vision where everything becomes lively and sharpened by terrific geometric patterns and colours.
      The world I’ve seen before is 2D and lifeless, like the movies I’ve seen on TV.
      Depth, sharpness and height perception were very different, this is the reality I saw.
      Each being’s energy field, which we call aura, had its own signature with geometric patterns.
      Accompanying guiding beings or the beings we call angels were accompanying people around people or by reflecting on Nadin’s face in healing.
      While working with me I saw Nadi turn into a huge white wolf
      She was holding me in her arms, strong and wise, looking at me with a dominating smile😁
      For me to both complete my meeting with my higher consciousness and to be grounded in this world.
      With her voice and prayers, she accompanied my process of purifying me and purifying myself with great dominance.
      There was a great peace and confidence in me, I knew that I was protected in her arms,under her energy and guidance..nothing would happen to me, and she would not let it happen..I surrendered.
      At the end of the process, when she came behind me and blew through my heart chakra, an atomic bomb exploded in my aura and the purple flower of life pattern spread thuroughout from my body and engulfed everyone.
      My deeper awakening started with my first Bufo experience.
      The Bufo that I experienced with Nadin shifted all my perception to an expanding higher frequency.
      My journey to myself still continues and the friendships I gained, the Love I felt, I am incredibly grateful🤍🙏🏻
      Ayten Telek
      From Turkey/Istanbul

    • Steve R. 1 year ago

      Was blessed to meet Nadine and work with these very special medicines. Nadine’s love and expertise provided an experience that changed my life. Nadine continues her love and follow up with routine check ins. I couldn’t be more grateful to have met Nadine and her colleagues. I give her the highest possible recommendation!

    • Ryan B. 1 year ago

      I met Nadine 5 years before I finally went down to the retreat. She would consistently check on me and how I was doing spiritually. Until finally one day I was suffering so greatly that I decided to go down. It changed my life for the positive forever. Nadine is amazing at what she does. Her and her team are the best in their field. Nosara and Costa Rica is a magical place. Whatever u are searching for, Nadine will help u get on the path to finding it. Best of luck on your journey! Love eternal, Ryan

    • Adrien R. 1 year ago

      We were lucky enough to be able to spend our honeymoon in Costa Rica, from in 2021 january, in a country, where you can still, legally have the access to classical, ancient medications.
      2020 was a critical year for a lot of us, I have suffered some loss in family, my Mom died young and with a lot of suffering, so a I had deep wounds in my heart and my psyche. Obviously these poisonous, fear-led thoughts started to somatise as well (alcohol and sleeping pill addicition started to form).
      I felt the urge to find some cure, since Im a doctor, I have a lot of doubts in certain fields of western medicine, which is Psychiatry and Internal medicine (thats the reason why Im a surgeon), so me and my husband started to look up places where we could try ayahuasca, combined with a physical cleansing, which provided by Kambo treatment.
      At Kambo Casitas websites we have found everything we were looking for, a perfect deep dive in my psyche and my soul: 1) the ayahuasca session in a relatively small group, experienced, shaman (Nadine), 2) the previous Kambo cleansing, and as a cherry on top,3) a final Bufo session.
      Our stay consisted of 4 days/ 3 nights, and we recieved more what we were expecting. Besides the triade (kambo-ayahuasca, bufo) that helped the deep dive in my psyche and my soul we had a beautiful and peaceful time in Kambo Casitas, we got to know special, very nice people that formed the staff in Kambo Casitas, they were our guardians as well next to the shaman during the sessions. Our shaman had a really helpful, direct, honest, raw style, which is exactly what we like and what is compatible with us. We had constant, fresh coconut water and vegan food to help our cleansing.
      We had to pay to Kambo Casitas the price exactly what we had previously agreed on.
      It was really challenging for me to go through the deep dive, I cried, I suffered during the ayahuasca experience which was challenging but healing. Nadine’s words and guidance really helped me focus where i needed to and helped the perception of my challenge. My husband had a very different experience, he didn’t suffer like me, he had a mind and spirit expanding experience, which gave him a connection and understanding with the universe and nature that provided a clearer focus in his own life.
      I’m still on the road of healing, evolving obviously, but Kambo Casitas gave me that very first boost or kick on the journey of healing. Since my 4 days in Kambo Casitas I have stopped taking sleeping pills, my alcohol consumtion is less, I’m in a better relationship with my body, my soul and the phenomena of letting go.

    • August Z. 1 year ago

      Sat Nam,
      Kambo Kasita welcomed me with open arms. I was not expecting to go there and when I arrived I was treated like family and has become a second home for me completely unexpected.

      I’ve done so much healing there.

      Mainly I work with Grandmother and Kambo and have had great experiences.

      For me the key is safety. It’s a safe place with kind staff and a beautiful campus in a really lovely area of the world.

      Nadine is other worldly. She’s one of my Earth Mama’s.

      I recommend.


    • Danielle M. 1 year ago

      My plant medicine ceremony with Nadine was incredibly supportive from the morning we got to the Casita.

      I was so nervous to dive into this work.
      Nadine was so in tune and attuned to every part of the day with us. During Kambo, she was so supportive and present with me as I navigated that experience.
      Also, her helpers were so knowledgable about administering the Kambo.

      We spent the whole day in the beautiful neighboring Casita and felt so incredibly safe and held by the jungle.

      The ceremony came that evening and it was such a special and life changing experience. The casita felt like a sacred space and the attitude of Nadine and the other facilitators was one of reverence and respect for the ritual and the ceremony. That made me feel so safe and ready for medicine.

      During my experience I had a perceivably near death experience, but Nadine handled it like a shaman that is deeply connected to her work would, with grace and tender care. I will always hold the experience and Nadine with deep gratitude and respect for the work she does in the world.
      In a time where plant medicine has become part of pop culture, Nadine keeps the practice in a way that is deeply held in ancient, sacred reverence.
      I was struggling a few months after the ceremony with symptoms of post ceremony stress syndrome in which my body was having trouble integrating the medicine. I reached out to the casita and heard back immediately and was able to chat with Nadine and the integration process shifted for me and opened up more space for the experience to rest in my body or psyche.

      I couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone who is looking to do a ceremony or experience where the sacred is kept sacred.

      Thank you Nadine and Kambo Casita!
      I am forever grateful!

    • Yazan T. 1 year ago

      I’ve had a wonderful and super natural stay at Kambo
      casita for my Bufo ceremony. Nadine’s experience, trust and her ability to create a safe space for me to release and dive into and surrender to the medicine was absolutely healing – it’s ineffable and powerful.

      The location is just Magical too: in the jungle, surrounded by the lushes and wonders of nature, it was the scene for me to integrate and relax into my being.

      I’ve been taken care of there by the staff “family” members – special thanks to Gabriel and Lauren for making me feel at home.

    • Meghan M. 1 year ago

      I’ve worked with Kambo Casita / Nadine many many times in various modalities. The level of experience, wisdom, and knowledge she holds from her life experiences and training go beyond. Her passion for the work she does and the integrity she has is revealed every time. Kambo Casita is a place to heal. The accommodation and food is made with love and you feel held by the energy of Nosara. I look forward to visiting again one day soon.

    • Dayle B. 1 year ago

      I had the very fortunate experience to have been introduced to Nadine Purdy on IG. Just from a post of her serving rape’, I knew I had to meet her. After a very telling channeled reading over zoom(I highly suggest), I made my flight and landed in paradise in January. To say she is the “real deal” is an understatement. Her ability to address what is “really” going on, and hold space for your healing is incomparable. Her place is beautiful, the sounds of the ocean during the ceremony only deepened my experience. They way she facilitates Kambo
      Speaks volumes to her 18 yrs of working with it. And her Ayahuasca(Daime) ceremony was so heart opening my tears just flowed. And then, the icing on the cake was my time with Bufo. Nadine is truly the cord between the two worlds you are in during this entheogen, and I felt completely safe and was able to receive the blessings of this incredible healing modality. In my humble opinion, if you have the chance to do the deep dive with this group, go for it! You will NOT be disappointed .

    • Mary B. 1 year ago

      Having an experience with plant medicine was a ‘hard no’ for me for many, many years…until I met and worked with Nadine.

      My journey began with Kambo application…I had worked with a previous facilitator, but once I worked with Nadine, with her loving, supportive, nurturing nature, I realized the true power and effectiveness of these alternative modalities.

      I was terrified to embark on a plant medicine journey! I had done almost no research into psychedelics, but my intuition was just ‘no’. Then something shifted…and when the opportunity to participate in a Daime journey with Nadine presented itself, I surprised myself by saying ‘YES’. The yes was easy because I trust Nadine…I knew she had years of experience and her purpose is to help people heal. During the small group journey, I felt completely supported and loved. I was able to have the journey and healing I needed to have without interference but fully supported.

      If you are looking for deep, supportive healing, look no further. Nadine and Kambo Casita offer the best care in a beautiful, supportive, healing environment.

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