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Iboga Retreat in Cabo Blanco, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica
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    4 Reviews on “SoulCentro”

    • Andrea S. 1 month ago

      I attended a retreat in Costa Rica. I received the invitation from a friend and after talking to Elizabeth it was a yes or yes game for me.
      It was the first time I was in any contact with this type of medicine and boy it was a rollercoaster! Some of my colleagues say: wow you are going for the big leagues and I truly was.
      Since the moment you arrive to the house, everything is mellow, soft and gentle, just as it should be. Your are being nurture in every possible way. They become your extended family in 1 hour and talking about the process becomes super easy coming from the heart and with the heart every single time. They are super open to discuss whatever you need to know and help walk the path even in the ugliest moments.
      Both ceremonies for me were raw and brutal and you get to see and meet yourself in beautiful ways. Medicine is still working through me weeks after the ceremony and it will be that way for you all. That is part of the beauty of it.
      Self knowledge is not something easily done but this retreat does for you in a loving and caring way. There are not enough words to thank the team for they amazing work.

    • Kimberly A. 2 months ago

      I had the opportunity to sit with the Soul Centro Team in their new space in Costa Rica. I have worked with several medicines ceremonially, recreationally, and clinically (Aya, peyote, mushrooms, LSD, 2-CB, ketamine, and lesser-known ones) in different ways and environments but admittedly was intimidated by the Iboga experience.

      I waited 7 years to experience it until I was ready. It was the perfect timing for me and the perfect place. The team held a safe ceremonial setting with an infusion of the Bwiti tradition and the safety of western medicine protocols. They were incredible. It is a very hard medicine to experience because you need constant care during large flood doses to do basic things like drinking water and getting to the bathroom. If I moved and even looked like I needed help a team member was there instantly.

      I am deeply grateful for this experience and the container offered. I was there for psycho-spiritual reasons and had no idea what would be uncovered. They held space for me for some very big mental and emotional challenges as well as some very big spiritual realizations.

      I have sat with Native American groups and other traditions but here was a beautiful new sense of tradition offered I had never experienced with the Bwiti traditions and Iboga. I truly feel like I moved through some big hurdles because of their support and because of the quality of their medicine. I thank them from the deeps of my soul for this level of support and for the medicine. Life will never look the same again.

    • Richard M. 2 months ago

      This retreat will immediately change your life! I can’t say enough about this experience and it’s profound and immediate impact on both physical and mental well being. From the moment you enter the center, you feel as if you have joined an intimate family setting, filled with laughter and care. The teams’s extensive expertise and utmost focus on safety addressed any lingering concerns that I may have had, and the care and responsiveness during the ceremonies was unparalleled.

      The setting is perfect for contemplation and relaxation. I was able to enjoy delicious, healthy food while watching colorful Macaws and listening to playful howler monkeys. And the short walk to the beach is filled with lovely scents and a beautiful landscape. And there is an unlimited supply of coconuts to drink and keep yourself refreshed and hydrated!

      In addition to the healing ceremonies themselves, we were able to learn about the history of the Bwiti people and their joyful culture and vibrant history.

      You are in the BEST BEST hands on this retreat. Just be prepared for an abundance of healing and bliss, with perhaps some tears and definitely some laughter along the way!


    • Paije W. 2 months ago

      the soul centro team is gentle, authentic, kind, powerful and wise. i had been waiting for the perfect moment to experience a ceremonial iboga journey for quite some time and when the 2021 may retreat fell upon my birthday, i knew it was time to answer the calling. from the moment i made my decision to go to costa rica to attend the retreat, i felt supported, safe and held in every way. elizabeth is a gentle current of warmth and strength, and offers her extensive knowledge of the medicine and the way of the bwiti to prepare you for what’s to come and to support you on the other side. she is communicative, flexible and open through the entire process. i am deeply grateful for her presence in my life.

      iboga is a very rigorous medicine that requires a significant amount of screening and preparation medically, mentally, spiritually and beyond. patrick and michele were complete professionals and expert medical providers. i felt completely safe in their care as i prepared for the retreat, in the container itself and knew if i needed anything during integration, they would be there. they did medical checks prior to each ceremony at the retreat itself, and guided me through every nuisance in preparing for this powerful medicine beforehand.

      when i entered the beautiful sanctuary in costa rica i felt a warm welcome from the team and staff. not only was the space lush and gorgeous but i felt completely comfortable and taken care of through incredible food, services and various offerings of movement, meditation and circles. there was plenty of time for rest and nourishment along with activities each day. as a mother of two, i appreciated having a timeline as well as plenty of moments to myself.

      iboga gets to the truth of things quite quickly and is the most potent, straightforward medicine i have ever taken. chor embodies this medicine deeply, and he was able to support me in ways that i didn’t know i needed at the time. in our 1:1 preparation for ceremony, he was able to help me speak my truth so i could approach the medicine as clearly as possible.

      the ceremonies themselves were powerful, raw and are deeply personal to each individual. throughout the night, the team attended to each and every guest in a very intimate, supportive way. i felt completely safe in their care throughout each ceremony and the entire week. i was very impressed with their extensive knowledge of the bwiti and the permission they receive from the tribes in gabon to work with the medicine, and the ongoing reverence they show to these indigenous communities that share iboga with the western world.

      later in 2021, my husband would attend a retreat with the soul centro team in november after safely detoxing from opiates in july. i am forever grateful for the support my family received from this incredible team during the time of detox until his attendance of the retreat. they walked through deep shadows with me in my integration process and supported my husband in finding his truth through iboga as i had done months before. he has been opiate free for nearly a year now and we have followed our hearts together in the most powerful way. we have never felt more free or at peace in our 11 years together. thank you soul centro team, you are one of a kind.


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