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Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica
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    4 Reviews on “MycoMeditations”

    • J D 2 months ago

      I’ve done two MycoMeditations retreats, first in 2019 and again earlier this month. My 2019 week was valuable, but this second one was significantly more impressive in certain ways. If you are considering a psilocybin retreat, I recommend going with MycoMeditations if at all possible.

      As you may know, there were some shifts within the company late last year. The founder moved on, and Justin Townsend, who was already associated with Myco as CEO and Chief Facilitator, was able to step in with his thoughtful and mature brand of leadership. I appreciate how well Justin sets a tone that is steady and respectful without being somber. Abbie, Justin’s supremely well-organized wife, is working as Director of Operations. She and her staff are skilled in communicating clearly and keeping things running smoothly. Their contributions feel especially important during these days of COVID-related precautions and travel challenges.

      My fellow participants and I were there to do some serious work, and we had a wide range of experiences over the course of the week. Many trips were very powerful, as were the integration sessions. Throughout it all, I had the sense that the professionals at Myco know what they are doing and truly care about the people they are entrusted to guide or accompany. I won’t try to list more individuals here, but it’s easy to say that every team member whom I observed or with whom I had contact did a wonderful job overall, and many are genuinely gifted.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve been a mental health professional for a few decades and have been exploring psychedelics over the past three or four years. I’m pretty sensitive to setting and need to have confidence that things are safe enough (both physically and emotionally) in order to have a productive and/or enjoyable trip. I don’t respond well to trip sitters or others in positions of power if I detect much in the way of narcissism or related personality problems. I’m happy to endorse the psilocybin retreats offered by the good, talented, and responsible people of MycoMeditations.

    • Kat Lynn 2 months ago

      I had heard about MycoMeditations from a family member and saw what a change it had in their life.
      I’ve been feeling lost and disconnected for many years now…diagnosed with depression for years and been on multiple different types of medications which didn’t help, or only treated the symptoms. I was in talk therapy for a while, but felt that my current therapist was no longer really helping. It also felt like just treating the symptoms and not getting to the root of it.
      I’m so glad I went. It was hard work. I was able to sift down to some pretty world-rocking realizations and truths, and it took a lot out of me emotionally. That being said, I left with a feeling of lightness and hope that I have not felt in years, and it’s continued even after coming back home.
      I chose the Comfort Retreat, and the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. I felt like I was in an all-inclusive resort. The staff are incredible. I have never met more open and selfless people in my life. The facilitators are not only well-trained, but also highly intuitive, and often met my needs before I even knew I had them. I loved that several of the facilitators have a background in psychology and/or therapy. They were there for the deeply spiritual as well as the deeply logical.
      I know I have more work to do in the coming weeks, months, and years, but for the first time I’m not looking on that with dread. I’ve walked away from this experience with an amazing support network, and more importantly, the knowledge that I have the power to keep moving forward.

    • Robert Castro 2 weeks ago

      Words cannot describe such a life changing experience. Just came back this past weekend from a retreat and despite it being such hard work and feeling exhausted after each “treatment” I am excited about doing the work to continue my journey towards healing and life in general and feel I am in a much better place. I went to the retreat knowing I had much to work on and made a purpose to go in full blast without ever imagining there was so much more.

      Every single facilitator was amazing and I connected with each one of them at some level. Their work I can imagine is really tough work and challenging and can be at times draining for them. I am grateful for what they do.

      The psilocybin was the tool for me to opening my mind, but without the guidance, the patience and love I felt from the staff I probably would’ve ended in the same place.

      More places like this are urgently needed everywhere. I certainly hope and know Mycomeditations will help heal the world of much of the pain and suffering it is going through.

      After a week back home and working as a physician I feel a renewed love and passion for my work, I feel even more love and compassion for my patients and believe this will make me better and happier person.

    • Jeffrey Mangers 2 weeks ago

      Great program, well executed. Highly recommended.
      The design and execution of this retreat were excellent. The focus is on therapy and healing but the atmosphere is not clinical. Three mushroom sessions, with the ability to adjust intentions, expectations and dosage after each session, maximized the benefits. The group discussions (preparation before each session and integration the next day) were essential parts of the experience. The other activities were well organized, fun, and provided a welcome — even necessary — break from the intensity of the sessions. Abbie did a great job with the travel details and logistics.
      The MycoMeditations team was wonderful and worked together smoothly. The differences in the perspectives, personalities, and training & experience of the four facilitators and the nurse worked very well; comments & observations from each one of them resonated with me at different times, providing valuable insights from different angles. As many reviewers have observed, the interactions with fellow travelers also provide a lot of benefit. I was skeptical but now appreciate the power of the group.
      I participated in a Classic retreat at Doranja House in August of 2101. It has tasty food, comfortable rooms and good facilities for the group sessions & meals. The grounds are very nice and located in a rural neighborhood. The bay is a short walk away with trails along the shore. Doreen and her team were friendly, helpful and caring, blending in seamlessly with the MycoMeditations program.
      This company has many years of experience, has developed a program that works, and does it very well. The combination of the group, the team, the setting, the program, and the mushrooms made this week very productive and rewarding. I felt loved, supported and safe throughout. It was a very powerful week, helping me in countless ways; showing me how much better life is when I crack open my shell. And I continue to experience improvements. This retreat is a lot of hard work, but well worth it.

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