Funginity Retreats

Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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    6 Reviews on “Funginity Retreats”

    • Armando C. 4 months ago

      I wholeheartedly recommend this deeply transformative journey. I cannot imagine a better setting, warmer guidance, or more tender care than I received from Tony, Lu, and the whole team. Their attention to detail is nothing short of world-class.

      • Tony K. Post author 4 months ago

        Thanks Armando for your review.

    • Nicolas Z. 4 months ago

      I have attended two ceremonies with Toño and I can definitely say that they both have been some of the most intensely gratifying and spiritual experiencies of my life.

      Toño and his staff took great care in every detail before, during and after the ceremonies.

      I am ready for yet another ceremony expecting to connect with my spirituality and try to better understand my purpose in this life, within the vast universe of realms.

    • Paola M. 4 months ago

      Thank you Tony and the team for making this journey possible, a trip with the medicine in this earth for all the senses and all the layers.
      Definitely the sacred mushroom opens the door to introspection that helps heal the soul. It felt like 5 years of therapy in one night.
      The music was so beautiful, the place was mystical and everyone that was there that night made the medicine touch very deep parts revealing the secrets of my being.

      Paola M.

      • Tony K. Post author 4 months ago

        Thanks Paola for your review.

    • Rodrigo S. 4 months ago

      Funginity´s ceremony was a profound and transformative experience. Tony and the other facilitators were extremely supportive and gave me a sense of safety from beginning to end. Beautiful music! I really feel that I was able to gain a deeper understanding of myself and let go of negative beliefs.

      The mindfulness aspect brought me fully into the present moment and increased my self-awareness. The communal aspect fostered a sense of unity and empathy, and I left the ceremony feeling inspired and connected.

      It was a life-changing experience that still impacts me today and I would highly recommend it to others seeking personal growth.


      • Tony K. Post author 4 months ago

        Rodrigo thanks for your review.

    • Christian E. 4 months ago

      To anyone seeking to expand their consciousness, grow as an individual and learn more about our place in this world…. Tony and Lu offer this amazing experience which includes but is not limited to the power of sacred mushrooms. The setting, the ceremony and the entire atmosphere is well thought through and full of love and harmony. Every detail is taken care of and you will feel always contained and safe. I can highly recommend this unique and potentially life changing experience.

      Christian E.

      • Tony K. Post author 4 months ago

        Christian thanks for your review.

    • Fernando M. 4 months ago

      I have had the opportunity to attend a Funginity ceremony in 2022 and I can say that it changed my life. There is a before and after in my life. It was a birth and death. Beyond my intention, the ceremony showed me many other things in life. The ceremony is led by Tony and his great support team. The music they play to guide you is from another world. I highly recommend the Funginity ceremonies and retreats. Eternally grateful to Tony and his staff and hope to see them soon at another ceremony.

      • Tony K. Post author 4 months ago

        Thanks Fernando for your review.

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