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North Star Council

Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Vancouver, Washington, United States
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    1 Review on “North Star Council”

    • Christie B. 4 months ago

      I met Niko almost a year ago when I was in search of a “trip sitter” to be with me during my first psychedelic session. My hope for using plant medicines was to gain deeper insight into my subconscious to aid in choosing a new direction in several key areas of my life. Niko proved to be so much more than a companion by my side; he was and still is a dynamic, principled, and devoted spiritual guide. As we’re all learning, the use of plants to alter our state of consciousness can take shape as a clinical event, a form of entertainment, or in my case, metaphysical healing that is ongoing today and has evolved into a soul-awakening practice.

      Niko brings to bear his personal soul-centered experience with South American indigenous peoples. His years of experience and apprenticeships with medicine healers and shamans guide his approach to assisting others including, if so desired, healing through the mindful use of plant medicine combined with prayer, song, and rhythmic instruments.

      Niko’s work with me, which continues to this day, centers on healing personal relationships and increasing self-actualization (me, knowing and being, me), though he is fast becoming well-known for healing work in many health-affirming stages in our personal journies including healing pain from the past, and supporting improvements in depression, physical ailments, and addiction.

      I consider my work with Niko to be a personal blessing and am forever grateful for his talent and skill in the healing arts of plant medicine.

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