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The Buena Vida Psilocybin Retreats

Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in punta de mita, Nayarit, Mexico
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    21 Reviews on “The Buena Vida Psilocybin Retreats”

    • Gaetano Sacco 3 months ago

      My wife and I did the small group retreat for our 5th wedding anniversary. It may sound outrageous, but this retreat changed our lives in a positive way forever.

      The accommodations were luxurious, the food was absolutely delicious and healthy, and the facilitators were unbelievably welcoming. Traveling to a foreign country can always be stressful and we realize that anyone going on a retreat with strangers is required to put some faith in those around you, but the minute our taxi arrived at the villa, buried deep in the beautiful jungle sitting atop a hill overlooking the glorious Pacific Ocean, the Buena Vida staff was all standing there waiting for us with open arms, hugs, and smiles. There wasn’t an ounce of doubt or hesitation from that point forward.

      Amanda, Abbie, Maria, Mike, Leo, Pete, and the rest of the staff deserve so much credit for creating a welcoming experience that truly can change lives. We made new friends that will be considered family forever. We learned a lot about ourselves and about each other and we will bring the incredible energy home with us back to the states.

      I highly recommend the Buena Vida retreat – 6 out of 5 stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Buena Vida Guest 2021 3 months ago

      I came to Amanda and her team to work through some debilitating anxiety and lingering postpartum depression and my experience there was TRANSFORMATIONAL! I highly highly highly recommend this retreat to anyone dealing with any sort of mental health ailment. 10/5 stars!!

    • Buena Vida Guest 2021 3 months ago

      I had been wanting to try plant medicine therapy for years and this was the BEST way to approach it. Highly recommend!

    • JoAnne P 3 months ago

      No words can explain the opportunity that this experience has given me to move forward knowing that there is a kinder , gentler way to approach life . I was a ship wreck while I was doing my research for this journey hoping to find an avenue that would help me navigate through 30 plus years of depression and taking anti depressants that just never worked only ever feeling like my emotions were just masked over . The journey is just beginning but I am currently micro dosing and working with an integrative therapist moving through my feelings instead of just passing by hoping they will fade away . Without the experience of this retreat and the support and compassion of the facilitators at Buena Vida I would not have understood the process of what it is like to truly look at myself and say yes you can do this and been able to move in a direction that is so much healthier .

    • Buena Vida Guest 2021 3 months ago

      A sense of malaise born of the fact that I was merely “existing” and not “living”, led me to the Buena Vida Retreat to experience a different form of self examination through the use of “magic mushrooms”. My research led me to choose the Buena Vida Psilocybin Retreat in Punta Mita Mexico. I chose correctly. The facility was first rate; set in a lush tropical paradise on the Pacific Ocean, with the sound of the birds, wind, and waves as my constant companion. The staff was excellent; warm, hardworking, and helpful. Most importantly, Amanda, Maria, Anna, Leo, and my fellow participants, helped to create an experience that was unlike any other. Amanda and her team are experienced and innately talented at guiding travelers through this new world. I have not felt such warmth, love, and community with any other group of people for over twenty years. This was so important because a sense of security and belonging is vital to any experience that is new and unfamiliar. The end result was an extremely profound and impactful experience that left me changed for the better. I highly recommend this experience!

    • Sharon Braunling 2 months ago

      2nd time around- another beautiful experience

      I returned for a 2nd retreat with The Buena Vida and brought my sister with me this time. Obviously, my initial experience was a good one! This retreat was as amazing as the 1st and I believe all 14 of the participants- 4 men and 10 women- received tremendous healing, insight, and releasing of negativity. It was beautiful to witness the huge transformations in just one week. The villa was divine, the food was healthy and delicious and the plant medicine ceremonies were incredibly deep and revealing. Each staff member is genuinely interested in making certain that every participant has as safe and profound an experience with as positive an outcome as possible. They are some of the most amazing, caring souls I have been blessed to meet.

      If you have been considering plant medicine, I would encourage you to reach out to Amanda to discuss joining an upcoming retreat. I am hoping to become a facilitator myself so maybe I will see you on a future retreat! Love and light- Sharon B

    • C C 2 months ago

      Where to even begin!!!! I am in complete awe of Amanda, The Buena Vida, and everything they provided for me in five short (but also long?!) days. Initially I went in with an intention to forgive my parents, but deep down I thought it was impossible to do—after almost twenty years of therapy and self-help work, it seemed to be an incurable disease. This was the last thing I was going to try, but I told myself there are no quick fixes and I couldn’t put my faith in this.

      While this wasn’t a “quick fix” by any means, it gave me exactly what I was looking for and absolutely transformed my life—I’d go so far as to say these ceremonies and experiences with Amanda & The Buena Vida saved it. All of the leaders, villa support staff, other participants—every aspect of the retreat was so perfectly orchestrated and divinely guided. I finally was able to feel what it would be like to change my story and reset everything, and know that it was completely possible.

      It was like I had spent my whole life trying to climb the most difficult mountain, desperate for this impossible trek to be over, and in two ceremonies with Amanda I was able to start over at the most gentle and beautiful meadow in paradise, excited for every single step of the journey, no matter what the surprises it holds.

    • Katja von Tiesenhausen 2 months ago

      My experience at Buena Vida can be summed up in one word…Transformational. I attended the retreat January 2020. First of all, it is very well organized and planned. Transportation to and from the airport is arranged and well coordinated. Daily activities by the staff, such as meditation, energy work, dance, and yoga, can be as healing and expansive as the ceremonies themselves. The location is very private and safe and like a paradise, allowing for a comfortable, relaxing environment for inner work without distractions or physical discomforts. The chefs prepare food for each meal and it was better than a 5 star restaurant. The ceremonies were the safest ceremonies I’ve ever attended, which definitely helped the anxiety I had before each one. I felt truly cared for and supported by the staff, who were always readily available and extremely helpful. Through her words, song, drumming, and amazing presence, Amanda leads each ceremony with humor, power, wisdom, compassion, and connection to a Higher Consciousness within all of us, and is an amazing Shamanic healer. The plant medicine was in the form of a tea that did not taste bad at all. I felt no nausea, yet had powerful experiences. I really felt like I was part of a loving family while I was at this retreat. The insights I gained during my journeys have already resulted in more peace and clarity in my life.

    • Prentice S 3 weeks ago

      Amanda and her Buena Vida do a fantastic job. Everything listed in describing their retreat is 100% true. I had a life-changing experience.

    • R Gabriella M 2 weeks ago

      Best psilocybin retreat I’ve ever attended! Incredible safety, healing and connection. Each of the facilitators brought their own expertise and experience to the retreat, creating a beautifully curated ceremony and retreat experience. The emphasis on ‘radical consent’ underlined the entire retreat experience, and each guest received the medicine and healing they needed.

    • Kimber W 2 weeks ago

      Amanda and the Buena Vida Retreat are phenomenal. Every element of the retreat was beyond my expectation. Not only is the retreat space luxurious and wildly beautiful, each of the experiences were tailored to ensure maximum benefit from the retreat. Amanda and her team are all incredible light workers / space holders, and the entire time I felt safe, cared for, nourished and respected. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking to safely explore various realms of their psyche. A million out of 5 stars!

    • Buena Vida Guest 2021 2 weeks ago

      I have been to Buena Vida twice and both times were transformational. The setting is beautiful, the food is gourmet but most of all, the ceremonies were more amazing than words can say. Amanda, Maria and the team hold the energy during the ceremonies so that you feel completely safe and surrounded by love. I was able to heal areas in my life that had not been reachable before and I am eternally grateful for the love energy, the medicine and the setting that has allowed me to heal and grow. I will be returning to Buena Vida and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Being owned and run by women makes it a very special place. If you need a gift for your life, go to Buena Vida Retreat.

    • Mike Lemmon 2 weeks ago

      Amanda and her highly capable team do a superb job of listening to the all the participant’s objectives and serving them with Buena Vida’s robust program for healing.

      I saw the Buena Vida staff quickly earn the trust of each of the participants as a result of their training and strong commitment to helping others. They work hard to ensure a safe and welcoming environment is maintained throughout the retreat.

      For anyone who is interested in this type of experience, I highly recommend Buena Vida.

    • Julie Dunigan 2 weeks ago

      I have attended this retreat 3 times and will likely go again. Aside from the gorgeous venue, Amanda and the facilitators are wonderful. I felt safe and supported by them. Their ability to hold space for an entire group working with psilocybin is phenomenal. The collective vibe, sharing, fellowship, and love was amplified in these group settings which was medicine in it self, experiences I will cherish the rest of my life. I highly recommend the Buena Vida retreats.

    • Adam Capes 2 weeks ago

      Six months before I went to The Buena Vida, I really didn’t know what psychedelics were. Once I learned about psilocybin, I was fascinated and went “down the rabbit hole” learning about all psychedelics and their promise for mental health and deep spiritual experiences. I knew I wanted to experience this oneness and universal love for myself – to feel it in my heart as opposed to simply believing it in my mind.

      So, I began researching places to go where I could have both a SAFE and LEGAL experience. After many months of research and speaking with different retreats and individuals who attended them, The Buena Vida was the only place that met both of these criteria for me.

      I went by myself and from the moment I arrived, I felt so welcomed, loved and cared for. Even if we didn’t have the three incredible ceremonies, having a full week of being with people in a space of love, non-judgment and true caring was one of the greatest gifts I could ever ask for.

      And then there were the ceremonies. Powerful doesn’t even begin to describe them. Everything that everyone else had said and continues to say about them is true. They were transformational, life changing, and ineffable. Different for every person, as the mushrooms meet you where you are and give you what you need. Truly a miracle to experience. And yet the people are what I will remember as much or perhaps even more than my journeys. They became like family. All facilitated under the loving guidance of Amanda, Maria, Abby, Leo and Mike. Watching this team hold space for everyone was simply incredible.

      I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I cannot recommend The Buena Vida highly enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • Tracy Martin 2 weeks ago

      I could write a book why this retreat was life changing, but I think for those reading you need to know that you feel safe. Safe by those around you, safe with the process and loved abundantly. The food and the accommodations were AMAZING but for me this retreat was TRANSFORMATIVE. I came broken and left on the road to being healed and WHOLE. I look forward going back again hopefully on an annual basis. Humanity needs Buena Vida Retreats.

    • Chelsea Brundige 2 weeks ago

      I participated in a retreat with Buena Vida in Mexico in May 2021. It was one of the most healing and rewarding experiences of my life. The leaders and staff dedicated to this program are experienced, attentive, thoughtful, and caring. Their commitment to offering plant medicine therapy to people from all backgrounds is inspirational. The food is fantastic and the setting sublime. The journeys we took felt very safe and supported by this team and In this environment. I do not hesitate in recommending this program to anyone who is open to exploring the healing effects of psilocybin in an intentional and protective setting.

    • Adrienne Paxton 2 weeks ago

      This retreat is everything it claims to be, and then so much more. I attended one with my husband in June 2020. I didn’t have a specific goal or outcome in mind and had no experience with plant medicine. I have used antidepressants for years to help manage genetic and trauma-induced depression and anxiety, and also have (and still get) ketamine infusions, with tremendous results. So, I was pretty well-managed on those fronts in a way I was comfortable with, but I was open to deeper emotional/spiritual healing, and just generally to whatever the mushrooms wanted to bring up for me. I researched several retreats, but when I found The Buena Vida, I just knew this was the right one for me.

      The prep for the retreat was communicated well, and was very thoughtful and organized. I felt comfortable in my understanding of what to expect, and felt physically and emotionally prepared to be present, thanks to the guidance we received leading up to our departure. Nothing felt vague or confusing, and Amanda was wonderful and responsive whenever we had questions. Amanda and Maria were two of the incredible medicine women we were blessed to work with. They are very different, but there’s such a shared love and respect between them and their styles and energies are complementary. They are truly such gifted women, and they make you feel safe, loved, seen…I cannot say enough about them, and I don’t think I could ever spend enough time with them to feel satisfied! They are tremendous. Amanda’s sense of humor, coupled with her straight-shooting way of talking and addressing things, make her fun to be around and easy to respect. You find yourself actively WANTING to listen to her wisdom, learn from her experience, and belly laugh until your sides hurt. Maria is a gentle angel of a human, and it’s hard to imagine the universe ever allowing pain or trauma to enter her life…but she’s so experienced, wise, intuitive, and full of love. Everyone who has been served by Maria at these retreats will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Leo (and Luis, who was also a gem) prepared our meals, which were fresh and thoughtful, and legitimately top-notch food. They were great at accommodating diet restrictions/preferences, and the food was nourishing on so many levels. As froofy as it sounds, you could honestly tell the meals were made with love. Leo brings such a gentle, calming energy, and his smile and quiet humor brighten up everything. He was also amazing at safely, quietly, and respectfully holding space during the ceremonies. I wish I’d had time for him to teach me how to do my hair.

      The mushrooms showed me in the third ceremony that I had a ton of anger to purge, which really surprised me – especially anger towards men that I wasn’t even aware I was holding onto (two divorces, co-parenting, religious leaders, etc.). At one point in my journey I told Amanda I needed to not be around any men, and she found a place outside for me to continue my process where I had plenty of space but was still under the watchful eyes of the facilitators. It was wonderful to have the space I felt I needed to work through my purge, but I knew and trusted that I was still being cared for and they would be near me when I needed them. It’s incredible how they will show up by your side at the right time, even if you do nothing to indicate you need additional help or support – you may not even know you need it. But they can tell, and they will support you with their presence or with healing music. It’s honestly fascinating to experience.

      I did not know how I would react to the medicine, personally. I know tons of people do mushrooms recreationally, so I had some expectation that maybe the ceremonies would be “fun”. They were NOT fun. They were WORK – hard work. Necessary work. Coming out of the final ceremony, I understood why the mushrooms were beneficial, but could not comprehend why anyone would do them for fun…set and setting clearly make a huge difference! Everyone keeps using the word “transformative”, but that’s because that is the exact right word to use. This experience has impacted my life in a massive way, and I have so much respect for the wisdom of the mushrooms and the leaders. They were meant for this work, and the world needs them. I’m forever grateful they’ve honored these paths that they are on so healing can be made accessible to so many.

      As you can see by my novel, I could talk about this forever. But stop reading. Stop reading and book your retreat. Gift this to yourself, to your soul, and to your future self who is depending on the current you to make the choices and sacrifices necessary to attend. The medicine, leaders, and experience are built on and around love – let yourself be loved.

    • Duane C 2 weeks ago

      After reading books and listening to interviews, I wanted a psilocybin retreat that offered a great set and setting with multiple ceremonies. Amanda’s retreat was perfect. She and the facilitators made all of the participants feel safe. They prepared us for how the experiences might go. They took care of us during the ceremonies, and explained how we might continue to have insights as we return to our lives. It was a profound experience.

    • Megan Coble 1 week ago

      Amanda and her team of gentle healers are masters in their craft. The care and attention to detail to provide a beautiful, safe space puts to rest any fears of the unknown. Every question was answered, every need met, every uncertainty soothed. I felt so completely safe and free to let my guard down, to do important self-work, knowing that she had my back. What an amazing experience to witness such powerful holders of space who provide a loving and compassionate environment to allow one to explore this mysterious world of the inner self.

    • Buena Vida Guest 2021 2 days ago

      My life was at a Crossroads. Family obligations brought my career to an unexpected and abrupt halt. Afterward, no one seemed to be interested in hiring someone my age so starting over was not a real option. I was resentful and upset. I met with a couple of professional counselors/therapists but that only seemed to make my situation worse by verbalizing my anger. I read about the Buena Vida retreat and am so glad I was able to participate. The BV team coordinated their skills in a warm supportive environment complemented by beautiful natural surroundings. Weaving voluntary sessions of yoga, meditation, and group reflection in with the fungal medicine experiences provided me with a profound and lasting change of perspective.
      That experience was 2 years ago and the healing lessons that I learned are still with me. I highly recommend Buena Vida.

      R. Wolf

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