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Dr. Michael Hofrath

Psychedelic Integration Therapist in Oro Valley, Arizona, United States
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    3 Reviews on “Dr. Michael Hofrath”

    • Jane K. 6 months ago

      For nearly 20 years, I’ve experienced debilitating depression, suicidal ideation, unadulterated rage, and generalized anxiety; at some point a psychiatrist thought I was bipolar. I’m someone who desperately wanted out of this ongoing cycle of psychic pain and I did everything in my power to get out of it. I had literally seen every kind of therapist and tried many types of psychiatric medications. I’d done group therapy, 1:1 therapy, seen clinical psychologists, Cognitive Behavioral therapists, Gestalt therapists, psychodynamic therapists, hypnotherapists, Rapid Transformational Therapists, psychiatrists, mediums, psychics; if someone said they were a healer, I’d try it. I even went on my own self-discovery through Tony Robbins seminars and walked on coals, I went to Deepak Chopra’s meditation and yoga retreats, I got certified in aromatherapy oils for healing, I went to an energy healing institute and took classes on energy healing, I took yoga classes, I went to seminary, I listened to Abraham Hicks, Dolores Cannon, and all of these other channeled sources. If it had anything to do with healing, mind/body connection, yoga, meditation, communing with nature, connection to source, energy, etc. I did it. And while I certainly learned things and there seemed to be some progress, in time, I would be back to where I started. No one could say to me that I wasn’t trying and yet it seemed like this dark, empty, and forever weeping and angry part of me was forever there. I grew increasingly to a place of despair.

      Within the last 10 years, I started dealing with a slew of physical health issues related to immunocompromised challenges, oversensitivity to anything and everything, and chronic pain and fatigue that several doctors could not get to the bottom of. I have visited Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Western, Eastern, Ayurvedic, Functional Medicine doctors, Chiropractic, and even those practicing neuro-emotional technique to eliminate my illnesses. While I learned about the importance of certain foods, medicines, and supplements, and while some issues were mitigated, they would never fully go away, or go away and then come back, and I lived a very restricted life of regimented diet, hypervigilance to certain foods and taking about 100 supplements a week. As you can imagine, this did not help with my mental state.

      When I came to Michael, I was tired, broken, and cynical l because I truly had tried what I believed to be everything as an educated woman with no small amount of will and determination. I was not unwilling to try anything, but I had been promised by so many doctors and therapists that they could “finally” help me, and none of them actually fully did and some of them had caused more harm than good. My lack of trust in those in the healing profession had grown quite large. I did not make it easy for Michael, but he was up to the challenge, and unlike most therapists and doctors, Michael fought for and with me. In most helping professions, there is this veneer of clinical detachment, that while I understand is needed for a variety of reasons, often detracts from the ability to really see the person and advocate for them. In time we become another number and the human relationship is lost. It is truly something in and of itself when someone else cares enough to tell you the truth, even if it’s hard. How many people can you say even in your own life, will speak to the truth to you, not to break you down, but to take you to a higher place?

      Through the work with Michael in therapy and through psychedelic integration, I moved through an incredible state that I cannot fully describe in this short space. We can do a lot of work in the “known” space of our consciousness, and certainly many therapists before Michael helped me in that space. But true and deep healing takes place in the unconsciousness, which is far more powerful, and which I was unable to access on my own, with all of my education, experience, and strategies I had learned along the way. You cannot think and strategize and strive your way out of your darkest nightmares; believe me, I tried. Michael created a safe space of integrity, respect, and honor, to allow me to travel into myself and acted as a powerful guide allowing me to see the truth of my situation. I was introduced to my own inner guidance, which had always been there but I did not always fully listen to or even acknowledge. I went through a life-changing experience where my perspective was permanently shifted. Through the psychedelic integration, I reclaimed my own power and learned the truth of why I was ill, why I was continuing to suffer mentally and physically; a truth that I was not ready to accept and could not see until I had this session. As I write this review, all of my gastro-intestinal issues are gone, and I can eat any food without reservation. I no longer have fear of ingesting something that will cause a reaction in me. I am no longer depressed or have fear that it will come back because I have claimed my own power back. I learned that I decide; and I’m not just here to be tossed about by the dark storms inside. I am not saying if you do this, all ailments will be healed, as I can’t speak to any one else’s experience. I am saying that you will reclaim whatever is yours to reclaim, but you need to take the leap and be open. You decide.

      This experience is analogous to the difference between learning how to swim and realizing you’re Aquaman (for you DC comics fans). You can read all the books you want about swimming; you can watch all the videos, you can even have someone teach you how to swim out of the water and even in the water, and different teachers can teach you how to do the breast stroke, or the freestyle, or hold your breath for a certain period of time, or how to dive, and at some point you go into the water on your own and can be a good enough swimmer. But life happens, you get attacked by a shark, you get injured, a storm kicks the crap out of you, and then all those skills you’ve learned, while keeping you surviving, isn’t helping you thrive. Some of you may be treading water, striving to just stay afloat – that’s where I was. I had a lot of tools to keep surviving, but I was not thriving. I was being given tools to stay afloat, but I was getting tired, and I wanted to stop swimming all together and drop to the bottom of the ocean. Through my sessions with Michael and through psychedelic integration, my guides tapped me on the shoulder and said, excuse me, you’re Aquaman, why are you trying to do the breast stroke to shore? You have gills and the waves bend to your command. I realize this is a bit silly, but it’s the only way I can describe what happened without writing a full novel.

      My hope is for anyone reading this that you remember who you are; you are not meant to live life small. And sometimes, you need help to remember that. You don’t need to just survive. You can thrive. If there is a yearning inside of you to be whole again, book a session with Michael and do the work. You are powerful beyond measure.

    • Sandee M. 6 months ago

      If you are looking for solutions to your mental health related issues, then I highly recommend Dr. Hofrath and his integrative therapy. For years, I have dealt with anxiety, PTSD, and psychosomatic related issues. Through alternative therapy and somatic work, he has helped me work through past trauma. I now have a connection to my true self because of the deep work and guidance from Dr. Hofrath.

    • Adam G. 6 months ago

      I can say without hyperbole that this was literally a life-changing experience. At first, I wasn’t sure I could do it, but now I am resolved in the fact I could not afford not to do this work.

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