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Michou Olivera

Psychedelic Integration Therapist in Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States
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    7 Reviews on “Michou Olivera”

    • Ekaterina B. 2 weeks ago

      I am a psychologist in private practice with over two decades of clinical experience. Previously to going into my own practice full time, I was Director of Psychology and Psychology Training at a well-known local inpatient facility. I have treated hundreds of patients and have myself been a patient for decades. So, when I say that Michou is an OUTSTANDING AND BRILLIANT therapist, I am comparing her to the most experienced and extremely competent and talented people in the psychotherapeutic field.
      I met Michou through a colleague of mine after having done one mushroom journey and several animal medicine journeys in Mexico and having become interested in exploring the utility of plant and animal medicines in expanding consciousness. I did four journeys with Michou and it is not an exaggeration to say that she helped me change my life in ways that traditional therapy never could. Each and every time, I experienced her as highly professional yet accessible and relatable, humorous, present, safe, solid in every way, and absolutely attuned to where I was. She had unprecedented clarity about where I was and where she needed to guide me. I had the sense that Michou was able to withstand all of my feelings with such calm and self-assurance that it made me unafraid to explore the most painful parts of my psyche. I literally felt that I could trust her with my life, which is a level of vulnerability for me that I have rarely, if ever, experienced in the presence of another human being. There are no words to express my gratitude to Michou for what she has helped me accomplish. I have since begun referring my own patients to her and have heard nothing but the most incredible reviews of her professionalism, expertise, compassion, and kindness. Choose Michou as your guide and I promise you, you will be in the safest, most capable hands and it will change your life!

    • Carol M. 2 weeks ago

      When I first started looking into psychedelic medicine I came across Michou’s bio on an FB page. I liked what I read so I reached out. The first time I spoke with her I knew I found the right person for me. I felt we were meant to meet. Her personality and energy is genuine and I felt comfortable with her immediately. She came and sat with me during my first mushroom journey. I felt safe and was able to relax, which allowed for an amazing experience. I can’t thank her enough for her support, wisdom, and positive energy!

    • Jen S. 2 weeks ago

      I feel tremendously fortunate to have found Michou. From our first contact by phone, I have found her to be consistently reliable, forthcoming, knowledgeable, and incredibly big-hearted. Our conversations helped me define my goals, and Michou’s deep understanding of this medicine has been invaluable in guiding me towards the best way to proceed on this journey. I have worked with her through microdosing, which has been nothing less than life-changing, as well as having her sit with me during a macrodose. As a sitter, she was attentive but also gave me the space I needed. Our integration sessions afterwards were critical. I will add that just knowing Michou is available if I ever need to talk or have questions has given me tremendous peace of mind throughout this process. She is wise, respectful, generous, and truly dedicated to supporting others’ transformation. I am so grateful to have found her.

    • Kate T. 2 weeks ago

      I absolutely love Michou. She helped me through the toughest time in my life. I owe a lot to her and to mushrooms 🙂

    • Bluiston D. 3 weeks ago

      When I first found Michou, I was struggling with low self worth, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and a bevy of other issues, The fact is, I loathed myself. I had tried traditional medicine and therapy for years, and found it only work to a point…never truly bringing me back to my authentic self. I have been working with Michou for the last year, and because of it, my life has become more beautiful. I no longer beat on myself, in fact I can honestly tell you that I love who I am today. With Michou’s guidance I have come to believe I am worthy of all good things, and not only that, but that I am all good things…

    • River R. 3 weeks ago

      We feel honored Michou has been guiding us on our mushroom medicine journey.

      I was called to introduce myself to Michou at a myco event, and then felt so blessed by her story and work. My partner was also touched by meeting her at that event.

      We had been contemplating mushroom medicine, yet desired a guide to help. We decided after meeting Michou at that event that she was just the person to assist us.

      Thankfully, Michou was in agreement! It was like she knew we were coming.

      From the get go, Michou has been very approachable and accepting, down to earth and elevated, informative and kind. She respects our sovereignty, and is tender with us and the issues with which we work.

      Furthermore, she is very accommodating of our special needs. We are inspired by her authenticity, heart, and wisdom.

      Heartily, we are grateful to collaborate with Michou.

    • Joseph W. 3 weeks ago

      My partner and I had previously been to serveral cognitive and behavioral therapist who meant well but were very rigid in their process and approach. The idea of spending years in those settings to achieve the kinds of changes we were working towards was not encouraging.

      After our first consultation with Michou we knew we were working with someone who understood us and our goals. She is both generous with her wisdom and experience while being extremely professional and exact in her instructions. Our journey so far has been a very positive experience where we have been impowered to take ownership over our mental and spiritual well being. Michou is very responsive to any questions and easy to work with. We can not say enough good about her.

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